These clips illustrate dramatic results for both classical and musical theater singers.

"Never Never Land"

From Ruth's ongoing master class in Manhattan, veteran Broadway start Anne Runolfsson finds new color and ease through intra-oral jaw release.

"Smanie Implacabili"

An emerging professional in Ruth's ongoing master class in Manhattan, Ellen Broen, finds a stronger, more responsive sound by engaging low breath support more effectively.

"Rejoice Greatly"

BodyWorkShop© at a Classical Singer convention -- as the singer improves her posture and alignment, a very different sound emerges, with more color AND more flexibility.

"Before I Gaze At You Again"

BodyWorkShop@ at Northwestern University's Career Week -- this musical theater singer's voice changes dramatically as she releases tension in her neck and shoulders.

"Caro nome"

BodyWorkShop@ at Northwestern University's Career Week -- this clip is also known as the "Holy Crap" video, so named because an audience member exclaims those words as the singer's voice becomes deeper, more resonant, and more facile with increased core support and release of what Ruth calls "Front Corridor Tension."

"Der Dopplegänger"

BodyWorkShop@ at Indiana University -- a simple alignment trick (Ruth's "Puppetmaster" exercise) immediately improves this singer's support and timbre

Das Lied von der Erde (Mahler)

James Ryan, heldentenor; Chamber Orchestra of Boston; David Feltner, conductor


BodyWorkShop@ at VanderCook College of Music (Chicago) -- see the surprise on the percussionist's face when the sound of the marimba itself becomes richer and stronger, as Ruth helps him replace the excess tension in his shoulders and arms with core support.


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